“Too Early For Lunch”

March 10, 2010

City places often find their way into my work. Mostly I paint trees, water, reflections, shadows and light: natural places. Yet city scenes bring a different experience to much the same thing so urban landscapes happen on on my canvas more often over the last couple years.

Often, when I least expect it, something to paint in the city finds me. An example is “Too Early For Lunch”. It is  simply a downtown sidewalk scene at a certain time of day. People are walking past a bistro that isn’t open yet for lunch. The sun brightens the building front and warms the pedestrians as they walk past. And trees find their way into the scene as only trees can do. Fun to paint. And as I do I wonder how the trees here feel about this.


3 Responses to ““Too Early For Lunch””

  1. CC Says:

    Love this painting, and that it can be from anywhere that we know of, a place we all identify with. I’ve had lunch here many times.

  2. Lori Says:

    I always like the paintings you do with people in them. This one reminds me of “One Way,” which I saw at your Calgary Farmer’s Market Gallery and “Downtown Corner,” which I saw on your website. There is always a feeling of being there, or been there recently 🙂

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