“Shady Street Downtown”

March 23, 2010

The air always seems cleaner downtown when its cold. At least this is how it seems to me. Not sure why. Maybe it is because the shadows are more blue on a clear day in colder temperatures. Then again I’m not sure why. This is just how it seems to me.

As a landscape painter there”s a lot to take in as I walk around. For example, I’m always watching how shadows change the colour of things. Bright, unobstructed sunlight does this too. And I very much enjoy how shadows reach out from their source compared to how sunlight simply spreads as it gains strength. In painting “Shady Street Downtown” the shadows are winning at this point in the day: the sunlight could only seep through a very few locations across the pavement.

Of course this is not how it ended. As the day moved on the sunlight gained strength and the shadows receded as the colours to evolve. This, of course, would be another painting.

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