Exhibition Schedule

March 29, 2010

Along with a solo exhibition in Montreal this April, and I’m also involved in a group exhibition in New York City!

April 2nd to 28th is a group landscape exhibition at Ico Gallery, 26th and 11th Avenue in New York City
For more information on Eyes Of The World Exhibition, New York, click here

April 13th to May 1st is “Antarctica,” a solo exhibition at the Galerie Gora in Montreal, 279 Sherbrooke West
For more information on this show, click here

If anyone happens to be in the neighbourhood… 🙂


6 Responses to “Exhibition Schedule”

  1. Congratulations Jim! This is an exciting time for you and your incredible pointillism! Enjoy!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Congradulations Jim!!! I only have one problem. Well, two. All the beautiful paintings I have been saving for will be scooped up with this new found success AND your painting prices will go sky high. Great for you, bad for me. All the best and enjoy the experience. L

    • dotpainter Says:

      Thank-you Lisa. Well, there are positives for you as you have a collection 🙂 and this will cerainly hold value. Beyond this I’m only focused on each day: prices have not been in my thoughts.

  3. Beautiful work! Congratulations on your upcoming exhibition!

    Dena Tollefson

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