Prince Edward Island Shore Walk

March 31, 2010

A family asked if I would paint them as they walked along a favourite place they have on the shores of Prince Edward Island. Yes! Of course! No question!

And so I did:):):)

This moment, in a family’s life, may now be savoured  for generations to come in a much different way than buried images in a photograph album or in a digital archive. It is simply an everyday moment for this family as they return to this place often. Everyday moments matter so much. And for me it is an intimate moment as I seek out a tactile intimacy in a canvas: intimacy dwells   significantly for me in this 16″x20″ painting.

A request like this shakes my focus to bring new meditations and take my palate to new places. Moments that influence me more than anything.

3 Responses to “Prince Edward Island Shore Walk”

  1. joan Says:

    I just love your work, particularly this new painting of the family. I was alerted to your painting style by Ruth Fulthorpe whom you may remember from when she lived in Calgary. Ruth now lives in Toronto. Keep those blogs coming!

  2. This painting is so very beautiful! great drop.

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