“Last Bus Before Nightfall”

May 20, 2010

” That’s the last bus before nightfall.”, a voice shared from the group ahead. I’d been walking through a large city park for much of the afternoon: mostly to take photographs while enjoying how sunshine chases shadows under the trees. But now daylight is growing dim as the sun lies low like a lighthouse beacon shining through shoals of buildings at the edge of the park. It is time for the shadows to chase the sunlight. Looking slightly left in response to the voice from the group, I notice that, yes indeed, it is the “Last Bus Before Nightfall”. Soon the bus will be gone.

I painted this moment with acrylic on a 24″x36″ canvas. As I painted, I thought about the last bus, the light, and how the shadows seem to push the trees. “Last Bus Before Nightfall” is one of three paintings I completed recently based on a similar theme: same size and time of day, synonomous trees and colours, and a deminishingly dominant light source. “Last Bus Before Nightfall” painting is the only painting with a bus.


3 Responses to ““Last Bus Before Nightfall””

  1. Val Says:

    I’ve enjoyed your paintings in the Edmonton 2nd cup for a long time. Is last bus before nightfall still available? If so could you please let me know the price please?
    Thank you.

    • dotpainter Says:

      Thanks so much for your note and interest in my work. This painting actually is available through Legacy Fine Art in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is one of three of similar theme that were painted and sent to this gallery recently. Prices for my paintings are based on size: “Last Bus Before Nightfall is 24″x36” so a painting of mine similar to this size on display at the two Second Cup locations in Edmonton will provide perspective on price. Also, I’m willing to paint something similar for you using a canvas size you like as I love the theme and would enjoy exploring it further. Thanks again!!! Jim

      • Val Says:

        I’m sorry for being so slow to reply. I’ll blame it on having 2 little ones but really I’m just slow. I’m very interested in having a similar one painted but am between Calgary and Edmonton and need to peek into 2nd cup again and I’m between Calgary and Edmonton. Do you have any displayed in Calgary?

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