“Summer Greens”

September 24, 2010

Well, in the part of the world where I live, summer really has past us by. Actually, we know summer is gone for more than a couple reasons. One is the date on the calander: summer is simply officially over.

But around here summer has been gone for most of the summer as the  weather has not been very good this year. Has it been like this where you live too? Just one of those years where summer seems like two bad days followed by winter. 

Still, I was out a lot with my paints and canvas and I did find some wonderful summer places filled with greens and delightful reflections. “Summer Green” shares one of those places, or maybe I should say, one of those moments interms of how summer wasn’t around here. 

Another sign that summer is over is I’m back to writing this blog again. Summer always lures me away from life’s routines and this summer, dispite the cool damp weather, has been no different.


2 Responses to ““Summer Greens””

  1. I can identify with your weird weather. It effects our attitudes and creativity. AZ continues to be HOT!!!!! Summer isn’t over until November.

  2. Hi, Jim:

    Nice to read your blog after some little time, because I was wondering how you’re doing, and how the new house suits you and Corky.

    Take care, now.

    Sandy & Kathy.

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