“Autumn Transition”

November 1, 2010

I love the transition in things. Watching how clouds morph into shapes or noticing how the day is cooling toward evening are transitions filled with awe: a glance at the spirit in things we seldom notice. As I look at it, life without transitions is simply not life. 

Transitions start slowly. Everyday is a transition and when we clump a group of days together we call this a season. Seasons have been a source of paintings for me since the beginning: an endless, endless joy in this. 

I find the most exciting time of transition is when the beginning is first noticed. So much has happened prior to this but the energy must build before we sense anything it seems. Our perceptions are seldom in sync like a time-lapse process. We just sort of turn the lights on when we notice something:  “Oh, look at that!”

“Autumn Transition” is an early moment I’m so grateful to have caught. It is a smaller canvas: 10″x12″ much like a glimpse before things “really” change. The sunlight helped me see this.


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