Ardent Companions

April 1, 2011

I was in Hot Springs, Arkansas, awhile back to particpate in the monthly Art Walk. My connection in Hot Springs is the Legacy Fine Art Gallery and by one o’clock in the afternoon I was set up there to paint the rest of the day and into much of the evening. Public attendance at these monthly art walks is astonishing to say the least and the audiance around me was soon building as I began to paint.

I often walk past a stand of big old black cottonwoods in the regional park behind where I live. I’ve been especially drawn to how these trees have been together for decades: they seem so stoic but incredibly resilient too. My favourite time to be with them is early in the morning when the summer sun has risen high enough to hold a little warmth but not high enough to melt away the shadows: a time when the air holds a different colour, a different energy. This for me is an image of companionship. The friends huddled together during the night and now they stand together to embrace the day for whatever it holds.

This is how “Ardent Companions” came to be. The canvas is 20″x16″: big enough to share the feelings and small enough to not be in the way during the crowded art walk hours at Legacy Fine Art.  It would have done very well on a much larger canvas too.


2 Responses to “Ardent Companions”

  1. Wow! That makes two pointillists from Hot Springs! I grew up there! Have fun on BathHouse Row! It’s beautiful!

    • dotpainter Says:

      Hi Denise! Small world. Hot Springs is a great place, and yes, Bath House Row is amazing. I really enjoy the Arlington Hotel and also the period architecture on Central Avenue across from Bath House Row.

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