Old Cookie Jar

February 21, 2012

“I have this picture of a boy and his dog I really like. Can you paint it on an old clay cookie jar?”

While I wasn’t sure what my approach would be, I knew immediately I was excited about the project.

First, the opportunity to paint a boy and his dog felt so personal: I’ve been this “boy and his dog” many, many times in my life. And as I looked at the picture I remembered the soft looks of all those dogs who shared their lives with me.

Then, there was the old cookie jar. It was made by Medalta, an Alberta pottery maker located in what is now the Historic Clay District in Medicine Hat. Back in the 1940’s my grandfather worked at Medalta: who knows, maybe he handled this very jar. And as I held the old cookie jar, it seemed I could hear his voice.

There were many departures in my creative process as I painted the image on the clay surface. The experience held many blessings for this Calgary artist.



Jim Pescott is an international contemporary artist who lives and works in Calgary, Alberta. To contact Jim directly about his paintings, or a project you thik about, please phone 403-870-0591 or email him at paintwithdots@shaw.ca. His website is http:www.jimpescott.com