It has been winter around here for a number of months. Not that I’m complaining as I actually love winter: especially how the light and shadows play and mingle. But sometimes I just get a little tired of the cold and find myself yearning for warmer times. This is when I snoop through my database of digital photos to connect with warm, hot and lanquid days from the comfort of my studio to find places much like when I’m out tramping around. And rather than set up an easel and paint box to paint in the breeze amongst the trees, I simply put a new canvas on my studio easel and wander through the colours that happen.  “Autmn Finesse” is a moment like this: from a photo taken on a fall day enjoyed countless months ago and now I want to enjoy this place once again. This painting is 36″x36″ so I’m very much able to climb into it as I paint to push some leaves around and feel the sun cool warmth of the autumn sun. This painting is now on a journey to New York City where it will be presented in an artist group landscape exhibition at the ICO Gallery from April 8th to May 2nd.

3 Responses to ““Autumn Finesse””

  1. Proxy Says:

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  2. Juegos Says:

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  3. Ted Hewlett Says:

    This is a cheering painting also for the time of winter rains here in Surrey. Thanks, Jim! I clicked the “Facebook” button and managed to add it to my Facebook page.

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