Paris On the Horizon

November 25, 2012

Paris, France, is now on my horizon.

My painting was shipped to Paris today and will arrive early next week. A few days from now I will follow. Our destination in Paris is the Salon 2012 held by the historic Societe Nationale des Beaux-arts in Le Carrousel du Louvre, December 13 to 16, 2012.

Did this last year too. I participated in Salon 2011 with a painting of a glacier shoreline location in Antarctica: the colours were blues and white. The painting was selected through the SNBA jury process.

This year, the SNBA jury selected a canvas predominantly in reds with whites and a splash of green. Very excited for this to be in Paris at Salon 2012: in creation, the image sourced from a place I’ve been but haven’t seen. Want to guess the title from the photo?

A good friend, artist Denise Buisman Pilger, in Montreal, filmed a super video of Salon 2011: includes great views outside the Louvre building, the Pyramid, the Carrousel du Louve and an excellent tour along some of the aisles in the exhibition hall. My painting makes an appearance in the video too. See if you can spot it “” alt=””>

Paris in December is windy, damp and chilly. This didn’t hamper my spirits at Salon 2011 and I know my spirits will be running warm and high for Salon 2012. Just pack for the weather and enjoy every minute.

Watch for updates from Paris and Salon 2012!

Something very cool happened back in December when my paintings were in Florence for the “Symphony of Color” exhibition.

First, the VF Agenda section of Vanity Fair magazine, the Italian issue, listed the “Symphony of Colour” exhibition in Florence as one of the top things to do in Italy during September. The organizers of “Symphony of Color” were not aware VF Agenda was listing the exhibition until the mention appeared in the Vanity Fair issue.

Then, the other very cool something that happened is VF Agenda used an image of my painting “Red Trunks” to illustrate their mention of “Symphony of Color”. At the time, this Calgary Artist was in Paris, France, attending the Salon 2011 for the Societe Nationale des Beaux-arts at the Carrosel du Louvre when I learned VF Agenda had used “Red Trunks”. The message I received was through a through a Facebook message that shared the image from the magazine. This is the same image you see with this post so the quality could be better but currently it is the only copy I have.

Arguably, “Red Trunks” was one of the most recognized paintings in Italy last December.


Jim Pescott is an international contemporary artist, living and working in Calgary, Alberta. He has participated in exhibitions in Italy, France, Spain, USA and Canada including Paris, Florence, Cannes, Barcelona, Ferrara, Montreal and New York City. For information on paintings, Jim may be contacted at 403-870-0591 as well as by email at


The Thrills of Paris

January 23, 2012

Imagine a first time visit to Paris, France. Next imagine walking historic streets, visiting fabulous museums, and then there’s more: imagine you are an artist and you have a painting exhibited in the Carrousel du Louvre. Goose bumps? For this Calgary artist? Yes!!!

France’s historic Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts (SNBA) juried and selected my painting “Antarctica Shoreline” for the Salon 2011 held in December. Last May, I was riding a train enroute to Venice, Italy, when I received an email inviting me to submit work to be juried by the SNBA in Paris for their Salon 2011. I’m sure I read the email message five times before truly relating to the reality of it. A few weeks after I submitted work the SNBA confirmed the jury did accept a painting for the Salon 2011: as a Calgary artist, I would be a member of a Canadian delegation of painters and sculptors (the only one from Western Canada!) participating in this prestigous international exhibition.

There are two thrills in this. The first being participation in the SNBA Salon 2011 is a lovely honour I will forever cherish. The second is I’m self-taught and in this I’ve taken my paintings from a place of early exploration in my old basement studio to an international exhibition in Paris, France.  

Paris is wonderful. The Salon 2011 marvelous. Now, I’m now back in my studio preparing for a number of international events in 2012.